About Us.

Home Rental Management Company

We are a professionally managed Home Rental Management Company based in Kathmandu.

We lease homes and apartments from property owners and rent them out to tourists and long term tenants without our guests having to face any hassle finding one.

For those busy homeowners, who do not want to be rent/managing but still have some available space that they’d like to convert into steady income, we are here for you!

Rental income seems easy until one has to take active care and management of the property and deal with different tenants from all over the world. Theory says, owning an extra home or apartment is a great source of additional income. But practicality says that additional income comes with the burden of being an on-call landlord with all its duties and responsibilities. Also, this is a major concern for those who live abroad and have a property back home. Thus, Casa Deyra is here to bridge the gap between theory and practicality.

Homeowners can now sit back and get a great monthly rental while we do all the hard work. With us, your property shall generate great income and also stay in fantastic shape.



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